Personal Ads from the Night at the Races

Congratulations to Mike and Rachel Youngberg! Expecting April 8, 2010

Good Luck Horizon!
Cynthia Lisle
Tupperware Dealer

Congratulations Mike and Rachel!
A 3rd generation of Horizon love at last!
All our love, Renée, Ellen and Dana

Dear Renée and Dana,
I’m so glad we were all at Camp together this year! I am SO proud of both of you!
Love, Elbow

To the NATR committee –
Great job on putting together another successful event! Wish we could be there with you!
Love, The Westley Girls

Thank you Lori for keeping the male volunteer population going in 16 years. We can’t wait to meet him in December!

09 Rookie Team Leaders
Let’s do it again in 2010

In Loving Memory of Linda & Sharon Feeley