Who We Are

Who We Are

Association of Horizon is a volunteer-led organization, comprised of a Board of Directors and other volunteers and local partners, who leverage their talent, network, and resources to advance the organization’s mission to empower and enrich the lives of adults with physical disabilities.

Executive Board


Sawsan Abuosbie

Sawsan Abuosbie got involved with Horizon when her friends told her about an adult camp that she could attend. “I instantly fell in love with what Horizon stood for and the community that was created.” Sawsan wanted Horizon to be part of her everyday life so she joined the camp committee in 2012 and later joined the Board in 2016.

Sawsan has been an active member of the camp activities committee for years, and became the co-chairperson of the camp committee in 2015. Her duties included organizing monthly meetings to discuss all aspects of planning activities to sponsorships, and any TPOC-related communications.

Sawsan joined the Board because she wanted to be apart of the future of Horizon and give input on important decisions. She was recently elected to the executive board as President. In addition to her work on committees and the Board, Sawsan has also been an ambassador at fundraisers and has given keynote speeches. Outside of Horizon, Sawsan works for a non profit organization’s donor care team and is a part-time product specialist at a computer store. She is also an aspiring actress and model represented by a talent agency.

Vice President

Sheila Caplis

Has been involved with Horizon since high school. Inspired by a presentation she attended, Sheila began her involvement with Horizon as a camp volunteer. Each summer, Sheila would attend Horizon’s seven day camp and would serve as a one-on-one attendee to an adult camper. Throughout high school and college, Sheila began to take a more active role with the organization.

Dedicated to Horizon’s mission, in 2010, Sheila became a board member.  Since that time, she has dedicated countless hours as a camp volunteer, board member, president, and currently serves as Board Vice President. Outside of Horizon, Sheila is a government relations manager at an education company.  Her hobbies include baking, planning parties, and vintage shopping.


George Czerwionka

First learned about Horizon in 1995, through his aunt, who served as a volunteer nurse at camp.  He became very passionate about Horizon’s work and was quick to become an active volunteer with the organization.  

Throughout the years, George has volunteered with many of Horizon’s committees and has served in numerous capacities.  Every March, George and his family organize a March Madness fundraiser to benefit Horizon.  In addition, throughout the year George picks up in-kind donations of hospital beds and supplies for camp.  He has also submitted grant requests on behalf of Horizon.

George joined the Board of Directors about 10 years ago and currently serves as the board treasurer. He lives in Chicago with his wife and works as an accountant.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family.


Justin Navarro

Justin Navarro started attending Horizon camp in 2009. He fell in love with the organization and wanted to become more involved, joining the Board in 2013. Justin was recently elected as co-treasurer along with George Czerwionka.

In addition to his work on the Board, Justin has served on several committees, most notably the recruitment committee. He is in charge of recruiting Team Leaders and oversees Horizon’s twitter account. During camp, Justin has been a Team Leader and is currently a member of the support team. His family also hosts an annual Gong Karaoke fundraiser, with all the proceeds benefiting Horizon.

Justin was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago and currently lives in the city’s North Side. He works in finance for a PR company in downtown Chicago. He loves spending time with his family and hanging out with camp friends.


Gerry Walsh

First attended Horizon Camp, in 2013, as an adult camper.  Soon after, he began to attend other events for adults with physical disabilities organized by Horizon.  Having experienced camp and all that Horizon has to offer, Gerry feels that, “Horizon Camp really reinforced my belief and desire to give back and help others in whatever way possible.”  Gerry has served on several of Horizon’s committees and has volunteered as a team leader at camp.  

In 2014, Gerry joined the Board of Directors and currently serves as Secretary.  Gerry lives with his wife, Jen, and their two cats and dog.  He works in marketing for a consulting firm.  When he’s not volunteering for Horizon or working, Gerry enjoys playing power soccer.  He is an active member of the GLASA Chicago Fire Power Soccer Club, an adaptive soccer organization for individuals with physical disabilities.  Gerry is also a huge sports fan and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Board Members

Maeghan Anderson
Erica Andres
Earlene Barnes
Frances Clair
Dave Davis

Woody Edwards
Donnie Flynn
Katy Landuyt
Anna Lopez

Lori Moore
Viki Peer
Mark Schreiner
Heather Somerville

Operations Manager

Michael Meyer

Local Partners

Buster Creative

Harbortown Industries
Jane’s Hallmark
Lincoln Park High School

Morton Grove Foundation
Park Ridge Community Fund
PNC Foundation

Association of Horizon is a tax exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Association of Horizon Tax ID number is: 36-3814090.