Record numbers for Summer Camp 2010

Now that summer camp is over, we found out we had over 220 total participants.  This is an increase of 40 people over our previous year.  A special thanks goes to everyone on the recruitment committee and the camp committee for all of their hard work in making summer camp a huge success.  There were a lot of new disabled adults and volunteers that were a lot of fun and we hope they continue to support Horizon throughout the year.
The week was filled with fun activities, including old favorites like Creaoke, Bill Hoffman’s Amazing Animals, pontoon boat rides just to name a few things.  If you were part of this year’s camp leave a comment on what was your favorite activity (eating at the cookout doesn’t count).
It took everyone involved to make it a wonderful time and I myself can hardly wait for Summer Camp 2011.  HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE