2020 Year Long Raffle Winners

2020 Year Long Raffle Winners

Thank you for supporting the Association of Horizon by purchasing tickets for our year long raffle. Drawings started January 11th. Five winners will be drawn at each of our monthly board meetings plus an extra five each quarter until the end of the year. Each ticket purchased gives you 80 separate chances to win cash. 

Each ticket can win more than once!

Monthly Drawings

Drawing Date

$100 Winner

$75 Winner

$50 Winner

$25 Winner

$25 Winner


Mary Jo Grigonis

Matthew Schreiner

Mike Youngberg

Joseph Lucido

Jace King


Nancy Christie

Anna Lopez

Cindy Mckead

Nancy Weinner

Dr. Bernbom


Kathleen Caplis

Debbie Hurd

Kyle & Autumn DeMus 

Liz Jonuska

Rhonda Stockdale


Flavia Murray

Bob & Traci Gleason

D. Scheuer

Mike Osborne

Harry Stams


Gayle Russell

Nadine Travis

Terry Smith

Tony Richards

Scott Kingston


Joe & Pat Hudetz

Barry Navarrete

Kathleen Caplis

Michelle Chuway

Phyliss Kluch


Karl Weinner

Joe Guyer

Ed Walsh

Tom Harris

Michael Bonner


Tina Mangan

Tom Harris

Richard Skoda

Patricia Bulla

Kathleen Caplis


Ember Beddingfield

Kari Farkvam

Theresa Stensrud

Scott Galvin

Joel and Jan Andres


Bob Brichetto

Joe & Pat Hudetz

Mary Ellen Considine

Pat  & Matt Dosen

Tony & Shannon Grigonis


Donna Palkowski

Carolyn Hudetz

Eleanor Borys

Mike Moton

Stephen Howard


Kevin Higgins

Madonna Bednarz

Dave Mata

Gail Wilson

Bob Thiesen

Each month additional winners will be posted the day after the drawing. Our quarterly drawing starts in March.

Quarterly Drawings

Drawing Date

$250 Winner

$75 Winner

$50 Winner

$25 Winner

$25 Winner


Janet Cahill

Joe & Pat Hudetz

Matt Hutti

Mary Marzano

Frank Gonzalez


Mary Czerwionka

A.J. Kellecher

Neil Kothorn

Frank Gonzalez

Anna Lopez


Terry Smith

Sandra Sitowski

Karolyn Wisniewski

Jennifer Westphal

Becky Martin


Kathy Avers

Amy Raftery

Becky Martin

Paula Carson

Bob Smith

If you have any questions regarding our raffle please contact raffle@associationofhorizon.org

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