Our Year-Long Raffle is off to a great start!

We have had four drawings so far (one monthly & three weekly) and one of the numbers has already hit twice! Tracy B has lucky number 638, which was our first monthly drawing winner on the August 1st mid-day drawing and the August 15th Friday evening weekly winner! Our other weekly winners are Joe G (Friday, August 1st ) and Kathleen Q (Friday, August 8th ). Be sure to check back weekly to see the newest winners by clicking the Horizon Lottery Winners link under the Fundraising tab above.

We still have a few tickets (and 64 more chances to win) remaining, so if you want a chance to get in on the action e-mail Geri.Skudney@associationofhorizon.org to get a ticket before they are all gone!

6 Replies to “Our Year-Long Raffle is off to a great start!”

  1. Well ladies, I have no control of the lottery. If I did, I would have won a big one long ago and would have bought a very large campsite for Horizon. I would have even won enough to support all of us & we would have camp all year long! 😀

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Let’s hope there will be plenty of more winners including some of us. I will even donate a portion of my winning share back to horizon.

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