March Madness Fundraiser

March Madness Fundraiser!

The Association of Horizon is hosting a virtual March Madness tournament and we need your participation! Recently, we asked people to post their “maddest” silliest/craziest/funniest story, photo, or video from quarantine this past year on social media. We selected the top eight entries to be players in #HorizonMarchMadness!

For each round, simply vote for your favorite player by making a donation to Horizon! The players that raise the most money will advance to the next round until there is a champion. The March Madness Champion will receive a special prize and will be featured during opening the campfire for 2021 Virtual Summer Camp!

Please vote for your favorite player!

Final Round ends March 31st!

Here are the Contenders...


Jeff Pickert

Eli Walsh and I took a trip to the mountains in Kentucky. We survived a torrential storm while camping causing water to cascade in from the roof, ground and sides of the tent.


Lori Moore

When e-learning allows you to be Ariel and a queen in the same week.


Emma Sarandeses

The silliest thing I’ve done (and loved) during quarantine has been painting my face whenever the opportunity has arose. lol!

Kathy Kingston

Retiring after 36 years of teaching in May. Crazy way to end my career, but so grateful for many wonderful friends and memories I’ve gained over the years!

Plamen Chakov

Last May I was starting to lose it and decided to become Bulgarian Bob Ross.

Geri Skudney

When you were quarantined in one house for too long you go buy a new one?!

Gerry Walsh

The year that changed my beauty routine!

Paula Vanier

I got new carpet last week and packed my bathroom with stuff.

Thank you to all of our players and donors!


If you have any questions regarding this event please contact Dana Westley by clicking the link below.