GoodSearch is Great for us!

We have been getting some great activity on our GoodSearch page. I think it’s awesome how the members of this organization have stepped up and started doing this. Keep spreading the word, the more people we turn on to this simple way to support Horizon, the better! Don’t forget about GoodShop too, there are hundreds of stores to shop through. The link is right on the GoodSearch page.

Click the link below & start searching. 🙂

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

3 Replies to “GoodSearch is Great for us!”

  1. I GoodSearch all the time. It is a good search engine plus, Horizon receives money and it doesn’t have to come out of my pocket. Everyone in the organization should start using this and even set it up as their homepage.

  2. I agree! If you don’t want it as a homepage you can very easily make it your default browser (that’s what I did) so you don’t forget to use it. There are very simple instructions on the GoodSearch page to do both.

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