Online Raffles for Gong Karaoke

Online Raffles for Gong Karaoke

Rules: Welcome to the online raffle page. To help have a successful fundraiser we are turning to you for help. Below is a list of five different raffle items.

  1.  In order to enter these raffles, you must make a monetary donation through the Horizon website, by clicking on the donate now button below.
  2.  When you are filling out the donation form please note which raffle/s you are entering in the “please explain” box on the bottom of the form.
  3.  For every $10 donation you are entered into one drawing of your choice.
  4.  For example, a $30 donation would earn you three(3) entries to the raffle(s) of your choosing. You can use your entries all on one item or use on different items.

Online Raffles:

  • 2 tickets to a Cubs game on May 16th

  • 4 tickets to a Northwestern football game on either 9/2/17 or 9/16/17

  • 1 free month of circuit training and yoga to Forsa Training (Oak Lawn)

  • 1 free month membership to Driven Personal Training (Arlington Heights)

  • One night stay at Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Suites (Fri. or Sat. night) and $75 Gift Card to Wildfire

Donate Now and help us raise money for camp!

This event is hosted by Vanessa Navarro-Kent and Justin Navarro. For more information email Vanessa or Justin.