Small Grant Proposals

Writing grant proposals can be a complicated and time-consuming process; don’t be discouraged because Horizon is equipped to help you help us!  Horizon has applied for, and received, various small grants the past few years.  We have been successful with the application process mostly due to personal connections.

Community Funds

It’s pretty amazing that there are lots of communities that have established funds to help the charities within their communities or to help their residents.  One of the greatest aspects of Horizon is that our membership spans many communities.  Horizon has been receiving generous grants from both the Park Ridge Community Fund and the Morton Grove Foundation over the last few years.  While Horizon’s address isn’t in either community, we do have passionate members in both.  These members brought the opportunity to us, and we helped them in filling out the proper documentation.  All the members had to do was explain to the community funds how much Horizon means to them.  This seems to be pretty easy for everyone!

Please research your community to see if there are funds that are being dispersed to worthwhile charities, and contact George to help with the application process.

Employer Funds

There are plenty of employers that want to do good for the community by giving small grants.  Employers are especially interested in worthwhile charities that their employees are involved with.  The grant process may seem daunting, but Horizon is here to help with the process.  We have experience in completing a variety of different employer grant applications.  All are very similar, and mostly want to know why their employee feels it’s worth it to give to Horizon.  It’s as simple as letting them know why Horizon matters so much to you!

Please figure out if your employer gives grants/donations to charities, and contact George to help with the application process.