Another Successful Summer Camp

Horizon Camp ended on Saturday, July 25 and I’m still recovering.  This year’s camp was a blast.  There were a lot of new people that brought new spirit back to the camping experience.  We had our largest turnout with nearly 200 people throughout the week.  The camp and recruitment committees worked hard in the organization process and everyone had a wonderful time.

There were many of our favorite activities including Arts & Crafts, swimming, karaoke and our pizza party.  One new activity that was quite popular was our Cabin Feud game show.  We combined cabins and they competed against others.  Congratulations to Owl/Hawk for their victory.  It was fun and exciting to watch but there was some controversy and a couple of teams were not pleased with the outcome.  People have to realize it was ONLY A GAME!  Horizon did bring back its Carnival evening and there were several creative games for everyone to participate in.

It is hard to imagine seven days going so quickly but that happens every year at Camp.  By the time people get to know one another it’s time to pack up.  Please feel free to leave a comment about your camp experience that you just will not forget or something you would like to share with others.