Raise money for Horizon & you could win $$$

Be a part of a new fundraising tool we are trying out for Horizon!
We are running a raffle that lasts for an entire year – August 1, 08 thru July 31, 09.
There are 68 chances to win!
52 weekly winners ($50), 12 monthly winners ($100) & 4 quarterly winners ($250).
The cost of a ticket is $10 and only 1000 tickets are being sold (and must be sold by Aug 1).
The tickets are numbered 000 – 999 and the winners are based on the IL Lottery numbers drawn for the specified time and date (see sample ticket below for more information).
We are hoping we can count on you to purchase and/or help sell a few.
If you’re interested, please e-mail Geri at Geri.Skudney@associationofhorizon.org for information on how to purchase or sell these tickets.
Thanks for your continued support!

raffle ticket

6 Replies to “Raise money for Horizon & you could win $$$”

  1. Sound like a clever idea. I definitely want some tickets and will do my best to help raise money for the organization.

  2. All help is greatly appreciated, whether you want one ticket or ten, it all helps.
    So how many do you want? 🙂

  3. I can sell a few at school if you send me some.
    ps..what is brendas phone number? I miss her.

  4. Does anyone know of any scholarships for people who a kidney transplant recipients, or people who are on dyalysis?

  5. I don’t know of anything for kidney transplant recipients, but I imagine there are some out there.

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