The following committees are an excellent way to become more involved with Horizon!

Our organization has several committees that help organize our activities. The following are brief descriptions of each committee. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these, please leave your name, number and a brief message on our hotline 773-477-5170.

Camp Committee–This committee works year-round to plan our annual Summer Camp. They meet approximately once a month to discuss all the details in order for our program to be a success. Along with planning all of the technical things, this committee works hard finding activities for everyone to participate in during camp. The committee plans everything from workshops & seminars, to providing evening entertainment including bands and a DJ for Friday’s dance party. All committee members get the hands-on experience of planning a big event. Once the Summer Camp program begins, it is obvious why the committee enjoys their work. The dates for summer camp 2017 will be announced soon. For more information in helping with this event, visit Summer Camp.

Camp Committee Members
Sawsan Abuobsie – Committee Co-chair —
Mark Schreiner – Committee Co-chair
Creagh Bennewate Michael Meyer
Simmie Bustos Brandon Mickel
Sheila Caplis Cheryl Mix
Megan Chan Rosemary Nelson
George Czerwionka Steve Nostro
Dave Davis Jim Novalinski
Alex Edwards Kushal Parikh
Mimi Herrera Viki Peer
Chris Gieck Jeff Pickert
Katy Flynn Joel Rodriguez
Nate Green Jessica Serrano
Jen Hanenburg Geri Skudney
Geoff Jania Heather Somerville
Kathy Kingston Dana Westley
Marty Longo Jessica Wood
Anna Lopez
John Meneghini

Newsletter Committee
— This committee edits, designs, prints and mails our quarterly newsletter. They encourage people to write articles, gather the articles and place them in our newsletter layout. Once they have the layout completed, they double check the articles and have the newsletters printed and mailed. To see past newsletters, visit newsletters.

Newsletter Committee Members
Geri Skudney —
Chris Gieck

Recruitment Committee — The dedicated individuals on this committee work on finding volunteers to assist at our Summer and Fall Weekend Camp programs and other events throughout the year. Without volunteers it would be impossible to have our Camp programs. This committee receives applications and interviews all applicants, then informs attendants of their responsibilities. This committee also works to find campers (individuals with physical disabilities) that would like to participate in our Camp programs. They review applications, conduct in person interviews and talk with individuals to let them know the campers responsibilities at Camp. The committee works to ensure that all prospective individuals meet our camper criteria and that we can accommodate their needs. For more information, visit Recruitment.

Recruitment Committee Members
Jen Hanenburg–
Anna Lopez —
Sheila Caplis —
Geri Skudney —
Kirstin Anderson Geoff Jania
Brenda Bokowski Marty Longo
George Czerwionka Justin Navarro
Dave Davis David Novalinski
Karlyn Gehring Jim Novalinski
Chris Gieck Viki Peer
Lydia Haak Patty Smith
Hector Hernandez Terry Smith
Candy Horath Paula Vanier
Jessica Janes-Crowely Dana Westley

Golf Outing Committee
— The Golf committee is in charge of organizing Horizon’s Golf Outing & Banquet. The committee starts meeting in September to plan for the event. This year’s date is Saturday, June 13 at Indian Lakes Resorts in Bloomingdale, Illinois. The committee could always use volunteers. The organization can use new contacts for possible sponsorships or prize donations, before the date of the event. On the day of the event, the committee needs volunteers to help in several ways. The Golf Outing needs the volunteers to help with registration, different golf contests and people to help out on the course itself. For the banquet, volunteers can assist with decorating the room, registration, help selling raffle tickets and prizes, and even with the silent auction items.

Golf Outing Committee Members
Lori Moore -–
Eric Brandt Gabriela Salgado
Emily Dalton Heather Somerville
Dave Davis Gerry Walsh
Marge Gittings John Walsh
Michael Meyer Clare Westley