Who We Serve

Who We Serve


Association of Horizon is an organization that seeks to empower and enrich the lives of adults with physical disabilities through lifelong social and emotional bonds and recreation.

Swimming in a pool on a hot day, going on a horseback riding excursion, slowing down to enjoy the presence of peers and creating new friendships.    For most adults and children in America, these are just some of the many activities individuals enjoy in the summer time.  Yet, for the 21 million adults (ages 18-64) with disabilities, many of these seemingly typical activities, are simply childhood memories—activities that were once possible through the support of a number of organizations aimed at providing children with disabilities the same type of summertime activities as their peers.

While activities that promote social, emotional, and physical health are critical for everyone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 57% of adults (18-64 years old) with physical disabilities do not receive any form of aerobic activity.  This is particularly problematic as adults with disabilities are 3 times more likely to have heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or cancer than adults without disabilities.  Coupled with the feelings of isolation and the social and emotional challenges many adults with disabilities face, summertime leaves many adults with disabilities feeling isolated and alone.

Association of Horizon is a tax exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Association of Horizon Tax ID number is: 36-3814090.