Camper Testimonials

Shawna Mitchell

Having a physical disability has never meant that achievements can’t be grabbed. Camp means dreams are developed and possibilities are endless!

Chris Viau

I've learned that people will take the time to talk to me. People find my life interesting. Horizon is my week vacation. I get to do things I cannot do at home. I love nature and with the support from Horizon I am able to fish.

John Munro

I am not alone. Other adults have the same challenges and for a week we can be a community and have a respite from daily struggles.

Alec Edwards

I’ve learned to recognize the appreciation for all of the volunteers & attendants that give of themselves to come to camp to help us out and help us have tons of fun. Campers are able to bond with one another, not be afraid since we are all basically in similar situation.

Mona Nyman

Horizon Camp is a place where, once a year, people with disabilities can go and relax and have fun! For six days, your disability fades and you’re judged not by your physical limitations, but for who you are as a person. Camp is a magical place where lifelong friends are formed, spirits are restored, and fun is the number one objective!

Nataly Aguilera

I learned a lot about myself while coming to camp; one of the most important lessons I have learned is acceptance! I’ve learned to accept myself for who I am and not what others me to be. Also through self acceptance, I’ve learned to accept and embrace others.

Words of a Friend

A place to grow, a place to shine
a place to leave your past behind
a place to laugh and hope not fear
a place that’s filled with people dear
a place to show what you can do
and not what everyone tells you to
a place to laugh a place to game
a place where everyone knows your name
a place to learn, a place that’s fun

a place that’s called,
Horizon Camp

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Volunteer Testimonials

Dan Persak

You learn that when a group of people come together for a common cause, race, sex, religion… none of these matter. The heart takes over and complete strangers can make amazing things happen.

Chris Gieck

You know that awkward moment when people do not know how to interact with someone with a disability? That disappears at Horizon Camp. People see themselves as what they have in common, not their differences.

Dawn Burns

Horizon allows me to continue going to place I’ve treasured for over half my life. It gives us a week of fun memories each summer as well as a “camp family” for support and fun times throughout the year.

Kathy Kingston

Horizon means more to me than I can put into words. Camp is a magical place because of the amazing people and experiences we share. Sharing camp with my daughter is a true highlight for me. I’m so proud that we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2016!

Kathy Colunto

Horizon Camp is like no other organization’s camp… there truly are no barriers. From camper to volunteer, everyone is treated equally. Friendships have been made at camp that last a lifetime. There is no other camp family that can hold a candle to the Horizon Camp family…an amazing group of people who put on an amazing camp experience!

Katy Flynn

When my family got involved with Association of Horizon I was just about 6 years old. Little did I know that 15 years later I would have 200+ friends that I can call family. We are blessed to get to be members of such a wonderful organization. I can only hope that our family will continue to attend camp for many generations to come!

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